Junior Hair Advanced



This summer camp will be packed with fun, education and excitement.

Your child will enjoy breakfast lunch and a host of snacks.

Each of our entrepreneurs will receive a kit that includes flat irons, blow dryers, shears, capes, smocks, mannequins and much more.

They will learn the importance of having great customer service skills and how to integrate those same skill into their daily routine. We help to build the confidence. We start by speaking everything aloud and envisioning what it is that you want in life. We teach our students that words Create things, so we speak positivity over all areas of our lives.

Our schools mantra is:
What you think you become What you feel you Attract What you imagine you create


  • Braids

  • Crochet Braids

  • Feed in Braids

  • Knotless Braids

  • Twist

  • Natural Styles

All students will learn how to protect the natural hair that grows from scalp. Blow out and how to flat iron properly without damage to the hair. Weave (protective styles)Quick weave -Sew-Ins

This 4 week hands on program will have them on their feet the entire time learning and sharpening their skills. All while working with other Jr stylist. Each student will learn leadership skill to accompany them in this journey.

They are going on field trips where they will meet other young entrepreneurs their in the industry. They will visit several beauty salons in the St. Louis region. So they can have a opportunity to see the different environments and vibes of the beauty salon industry. They will visit The Ultimate Beauty and Barbering Academy. To further show them what next to come if you choose the beauty industry as a career.
Graduation they will have a graduation ceremony in which all students will receive upon completion the following:

  • Braiders License

  • Business License in a form of LLC

  • EIN #

  • Personalized Business Cards

Lastly participants will come together and put on a Hair Show for the family and friends to showcase the skills that have learned over the past four weeks.

They will walk away with some amazing skills, pictures and businesses information. They will be ready for the next level!!


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