Weave (Pick 2 Classes)



Basic Quick Weave

Quick weaves were designed to be a faster method for installing weaves. To install a quick weave, one takes a weft, or track, of hair extension and applies it to the natural hair or a cap using bonding glue. As with sew-in weaves, quick weaves can be of human hair, synthetic hair, or a mixture of both. Quick weaves can also vary in texture.

Quick weaves may not last as long as sew-in weaves because the bonding glue may begin to wear out naturally. If done properly, a quick weave can last up to 4 weeks before it becomes necessary to remove

Invisible Part with Quick Weave The Invisible Weave method ensures there are no visible attachments at the base of the extensions. … Instead, this invisiweave method uses attachments which are hidden inside the weave so they cannot be seen when the hair is worn down or styled up.

Natural Wig

Natural hair wigs are created from harvested human hair, so they look, feel and act just like your own hair. Synthetic wigs are created from man-made fibers using specialized technology to give the overall appearance and feel of real hair. Learn how to make a wig your client can be proud of.

Quick Sew– so similar to a sewing but not quite this will have you flowing through a clients here easily and they’re going to absolutely adore it this is a good go to protective style.

Sew In

Lace Front

Track replacement (included)


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